AHOKU joins the epidemic prevention lineup and launches a disinfection and sterilization product - UVC Virus Killer

UVC Virus Killer

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Located in Taiwan, AHOKU Electronic Company, since 1983, is a global leader in the manufacture of smart home and power management products, including surge protectors and travel adapters; smart home solution systems such as wireless security cameras, door and window sensors for electronic products and parts.

ISO and over 700 international certifications obtained, robotic automation and 16,000 square meter plant that supplies one-stop production of universal travel voltage converters, surge protectors, power strips, portable chargers and plug adapters, in addition to the newly launched Super Powerful 5A 5-USB Travel Adapter production line.

AHOKU has been offering customers safe & high-quality surge protectors, power strips, travel adapters & converters and security IP cameras, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, AHOKU ensures each customer's demands are met.

AHOKU joins the epidemic prevention lineup and launches a disinfection and sterilization product - UVC Virus Killer

2020/05/04 AHOKU
UVC Virus Killer
UVC Virus Killer

Consumers' sterilization awareness has increased because of COVID-19. Ahoku makes arrangements in advance to respond to the growth in the market demand, and also believes that the future development is expected.

With the strength of hardware and software, the R&D team, repeatedly winning international design awards such as the German IF Design Award, the German IFA Red Dot Design Award and the Taiwan Excellence Awards, launched the handheld ultraviolet sterilizer "UV-C Virus Killer" with strong sterilization effect, simple operation and environmental protection. This product is tested and certified by SuperLab (officially recognized by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)) and found that it has achieved fast and powerful sterilization. This product will be on the market soon, consumers can buy it at ease, use it with confidence. Far away from germs, make life healthier.

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