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Located in Taiwan, AHOKU Electronic Company, since 1983, is a global leading supplier of smart home and power management products, including surge protectors and travel adapters; smart home solution systems such as wireless security cameras, door and window sensors for electronic products and parts.

ISO and over 700 international certifications obtained, robotic automation and 16,000 square meter plant that supplies one-stop production of universal travel voltage converters, surge protectors, power strips, portable chargers and plug adapters, in addition to the newly launched Super Powerful 5A 5-USB Travel Adapter production line.

AHOKU has been offering customers safe & high-quality surge protectors, power strips, travel adapters & converters and security IP cameras, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, AHOKU ensures each customer's demands are met.


Rack PDU, Basic PDU, Metered PDU, IP PDU, Smart PDU, iPDU, High power PDU, High current PDU

Rack PDU Power Strip
Rack PDU Power Strip

Rack-mounted power distribution units are used in cabinets to deliver power to a wide range of equipment in a stable manner. Rack-mounted power strips have a wide range of applications and can be used for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), generators or utility power transmission to servers and other IT information equipment power transmission; or offices, workstations, etc., multiple installations to increase the diversity and convenience of electricity use. As the scale of data centers continues to expand, the virtualization brought by cloud computing continues to deepen, and in the face of the AR VR virtual currency boom, there is an urgent need for a high power, high temperature resistant and stable power distribution unit (PDU) to escort the effective and safe operation of its equipment. We design and produce high power PDUs to provide the power required for more complex computing equipment.

AHOKU is actively involved in the design and development of power management systems, including various forms, lengths and sizes, built-in meters, touch screens, and IP control functions, and is divided into four categories: basic, metered, smart power PDUs, and European type power management devices that comply with European safety regulations. The PDUs comply with UL, cUL, CE, ROHS, REACH, and CA Prop 65 safety regulations.

Rack mount power strips are available in different output voltages, number of output devices, outlet types, and sizes from 1U / 2U to 0U (48"/60"/72"), with corresponding power cords to meet the power connection needs of different ratings or different areas.

AHOKU factory production, in addition to standard specifications, can be customized ODM/OEM and custom packaging and brand logo printing, minimum order quantity 500pcs & 1000pcs.

AHOKU Rack, cabinet power strip application field:
■Data center cabinets, workstations, desks, furniture power
■Cloud monitoring system center, server room, telecommunications power supply

Varying configurations are available based on output receptacles, input plugs, total outlets, physical dimensions, voltage ratings, total amps, and mount orientation.

How to select and plan PDU specifications:
1. Total load current: 10A, 13A, 15A, 16A, 20A, 32A, 64A..
2. Rated voltage: 100V, 125V, 240V, ...
3. Socket type: NEMA 5-15R, 5-20R, L5-20R,IEC-C13,IEC-C19,IEC-C20, German outlet, French outlet, Italy outlet, UK outlet, Universal outlet, Australia outlet…. etc.
4. Number of outlets: Such as 8, 10, 12, 20, 30 or more.
5. PDU Size: 1U(19"), 2U, 0U(48"/60"/72")
6. Input Plug: NEMA 5-15P, 5-20P, L5-20P, L5-30P, IEC-C14, German plug, French plug, Italy plug, UK plug, Australia plug.
7. Other: Digital Amp Meter, Surge Protection, Indicator Light, Overload Protection Switch.

  • Basic PDU - Rack Cabinet PDU
    Basic PDU
    10A/15A/20A, 120V/230V PDU, 0U 1U Rackmount PDU, Power Strip PDU, Rack Mount Power Outlet

    Basic PDU provides an ideal power solution to optimize the internal of the cabinet with the most cost-effectiveness and tidy way. It offers reliable and convenient power distribution for all the equipment and device in the cabinet. Ahoku can provide multiple function and surge protection functions PDU. The basic power distributor unit can be configured with various socket types to be suitable for different countries, flexibly install by either horizontally or vertically. It can also be customized basing on various sizes, lengths, currents, voltages, socket quantity and types, making more efficient to the power distribution of data center, and in compliance with set-up of server room to satisfy customers demand.Being more 35 years of in electronic products manufacturing, stable quality of manufacturing and reliable partnerships with well-known brand customers, Ahoku enjoys a high reputation in the industry field. Meanwhile Ahoku is a UL and TUV recognized manufactory, all PDU items have been passed by Hi-pot testing, ball-pressure, resistance to fire, related safety and reliability tests via our in-house laboratory inspection as a qualified and reliable supplier to have 100% quality guarantee.We focus on Power Distribution Units (PDUs) OEM/ODM manufactur, including product design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, batch manufacturing both in large and small. With creativity, ability, experience and R&D resources, we can turn one concept to be a mass-production product. As an ISO-certified factory with standard operating procedures and strict quality control, Ahoku can continuously provide best products and services to meet customer requirements.Provide robust, reliable power to rack and cabinet equipment with AHOKU Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Choose from a variety of horizontal and vertical rack-mounted units. Basic and surge-protected units are available.Customized order, OEM/ODM with brand name or project are all welcome!!

  • Metered PDU - Current Display PDU
    Metered PDU
    Power Consumption Digital Display PDU, Current Measuring Rack Power Distribution Unit

    Metered power distribution unit with LED input current monitoring provides active metering to enable energy optimization and circuit protection. This PDU also provides electrical protection and reliable power distribution to valuable equipments in racks and cabinets to help manage power capacity and increase functionality.The all-metal housing supports varying options, including 1U horizontal or 0U vertical mounting in standard 19 inches racks, on a wall or under a counter. Offered in varying sizes and configurations, metered PDUs can be customized to meet the demands involving voltage, current, number and type of connections, and monitoring functionality. Multiple outlet configurations and optional flexible mounting are available in horizontal or vertical. Durable material, heavy-duty power cable, effective components and superior circuitry are used to provide the most complete protection.Ahoku provides the best total value comprising of leading process automation, standard operation procedure, strict quality control and on time delivery to serve customers worldwide. We also specialize in OEM/ODM service, including product design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, batch manufacturing both large and small, worldwide delivery and after-shipment support. Our customers can benefit directly from our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, which enable us to ensure the products achieve the desired quality level while remaining cost-effective.

  • Smart PDU - Data Center PDU
    Smart PDU
    iPDU, Intelligent PDU, Power Metering PDU, Remote Monitoring PDU

    Unlike traditional PDUs, the Smart PDU uses a touch panel and provides a large Data Center with multiple levels of power distribution solutions. It not only has built-in surge protector to ensure that power equipments are protected from lightning and circuit overload but also adds functionalities such as remote monitoring, energy management, and forward-looking design platform to provide real-time outlet and PDU information.The multi-level power monitoring and remote outlet switching not only helps IT administrators and facility managers to efficiently manage servers remotely via web-based management interface with touch panel settings without having to go to the server room, but also allows them to keep track of the power status of each cabinet and outlet to improve system uptime and workforce productivity.Intelligent PDU enables efficient use of power resources and makes smarter capacity planning decisions, as well as saving power and money. The instrumentation and control features can improve the energy efficiency and environmental performance of the data center. The superior quality is definitely the best choice for building a basic network environment and making the server room a green data center.

  • Europe & Others - Rack Mount Power Strip
    Europe & Others
    Schuko/French/Italian/Universal Sockets PDU, Surge Protector PDU

    Europe and other PDUs feature the European Schuko, French, Italian, or universal sockets, making them ideal for use on the continent. It is ideal for distributing power from a generator, UPS system, or wall outlet. Configurable for standard 19 inches rack-mount, wall-mount, workbench, under-counter and similar installations.Equipped with 7 or 8 power outlets. Features surge protection that protects your devices from voltage fluctuations and electrical surges, which can increase the life of the connected components. Built-in power switch and circuit breaker offers power control and overload protection over all connected equipments. Professional grade AC surge suppression, incombustible high-impact plastic housing with keyhole mounting tabs allow placement options. Featuring a 90 or 180 degree cord retainer offers flexibility in positioning the PDU and in organizing the power cord. Various sizes are available and all of these units mount in a standard 19" rack horizontally. Rack PDUs not only provide convenient, reliable power to equipment mounted in cabinets or on open frame racks, they can also be configured to meet a wide range of specifications.