Switzerland 5 Outlets Surge Extension Lead Power Strip

Surge Strip, Extension Socket, Power Strip Bar / Over 35 years OEM / ODM experience with international brand clients.

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Switzerland 5 Outlets Surge Extension Lead Power Strip | Smart Home | Power Management Solutions | AHOKU

Located in Taiwan, AHOKU Electronic Company, since 1983, is a global leading supplier of smart home and power management products, including surge protectors and travel adapters; smart home solution systems such as wireless security cameras, door and window sensors for electronic products and parts.

ISO and over 700 international certifications obtained, robotic automation and 16,000 square meter plant that supplies one-stop production of universal travel voltage converters, surge protectors, power strips, portable chargers and plug adapters, in addition to the newly launched Super Powerful 5A 5-USB Travel Adapter production line.

AHOKU has been offering customers safe & high-quality surge protectors, power strips, travel adapters & converters and security IP cameras, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, AHOKU ensures each customer's demands are met.

Switzerland 5 Outlets Surge Extension Lead Power Strip


Swiss surge protector is specially designed to offer electrical protection to valuable equipment. It can let you run 5 electrical devices at once. Durable fire-resistant material, heavy-duty power cable, high quality components and superior circuitry are used to provide the most complete protection. All components confirm to current RoHS, Reach and CE requirements. Featuring EMI/RFI noise filter protects against outside interference.
Gift box, clamshell and other packaging can be selected. MOQ is flexible depending on the product or project. We combine 30 years of expertise and passion for innovation and provide complete OEM/ODM service. With the creativity, capability, experience and R&D resources, we can turn an idea all the way through to production. Iso-certified factory offers standard operating procedure and strict quality control to consistently provide products and services that meet customers’ requirements.

Surge Strip, Extension Socket, Power Strip Bar


  • Protects valuable equipments from power surges and spikes.
  • Outlets with safety shutters prevent children from sticking objects into receptacle slots.
  • Rear wall-mount key holes for easy installation.
  • Ideal for home, office and workstations.


  • Power Rating: 10A, 250VAC
  • 6 Switzerland Surge-Protected Socket Outlets.
  • Power Switch.
  • Surge Protection Working Indicator.
  • Optional EMI / RFI Noise Filtering.
  • H05VV-F 1.0mm² 3G Power Cord.
  • Safety and Compliance: RoHS & REACH
Model CA-S508 SERIES
A1 A2 A3
Power Rating 10A 250VAC YES YES YES
AC Outlet Swizerland Type 5 5 5
Surge Protection L-N YES - -
L-N-G - YES -
L-N-G + Noise Filter - - YES
Indicator Surge YES YES YES
Power Cord H05VV-F, 1.0mm², 3G YES YES YES
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